Surfboards: Why a Soft-Top Should Be In Every Quiver

Surfboards: Why a Soft-Top Should Be In Every Quiver

Why should every surfer have a soft-tip foamie surfboard in their quiver? Surfing, it begins with getting wet and having fun!

There's a famous quote by Bill Watterson going, "We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time to enjoy where we are." I love this quote as an example for every time I find myself frustrated with surfing. For the days that the waves aren't big enough, the onshore winds create choppy waves, and for the waves I couldn't catch - wishing I had a small horse-powered engine on my shortboard. 

Then god gave us the foamie, a soft-top surfboard that can float a heavy weight body-builder and nearly paddles itself into the waves. Forgiving when attempting near impossible tricks, the foamie allows our inner-child to play and reconnect to the fun side of surfing, flow. 

Amongst all the goal-driven sessions to perfect the bottom-turn, roundhouse cut-backs, and perfect score rides, surfers tend to lose concentration on the moments of the joy and simple flow of riding a wave all the way to shore.

Soft-top surfboards allows us to catch the waves early as ever, line-up our position on the wave, and enjoy the cruisie-comforts of a long ride. It hosts the capability to surf on choppy 1-foot days or overhead-plus sessions amongst the hungry shortboarders. With the forgiving materials of the foam-top and plastic-fins setup, it is perfect for families and beginners alike. For the experienced surfer you can fearlessly perform wild maneuvers, such as hand-stands while still capable of diving into barrels or hanging on the nose. 

Grab yourself a soft-top surfboard with varying lengths from fish-style 5'6 to a 9'0 longboard and enjoy surfing every condition. Reconnect with the joy of surfing with the ever-forgiving experience of the foam-top. Share the experience with your friends and family who don't surf often and just want to get wet. 

Ocean Monkey Soft-Top Surfboards carry a wide variety of foamies, designed for all ages and levels of surfers. From 5'6 to 9'0, shortboard style and longboard. 

Add one to your quiver, and enjoy the ride!