Q&A Surf Shop

Do I need to make an account before checking out?

No, you don’t need to. You can make purchases and check out as a guest everytime.

However, by setting up an account with us, it will allow you to order without having to enter your details every time you shop with us. You can sign up right now, or you can first start shopping and create your account before you check out at the shopping cart page.

How do I create an account?

Please click on “Login/Register” followed by ‘Create An Account’ and fill in your personal particulars.

How do I make a purchase?

Shop for the items you want and add it to your shopping cart. When you have finished, you can proceed to your shopping cart and check out. Check and ensure that all information is correct before confirming your purchases and payment.

What payments do you accept?

We accept payments via Paypal and all major credit and debit cards such as Mastercard, VISA and American Express.

What if I want to cancel an order?

We guarentee satisfaction and our cancellation policy reflects that. Cancelling an item or package is not a problem from our end.

What if an item is "Temporarily Unavailable"

You will be able to add the items as long as it is available. There could be an instance where the item is in someone else’s shopping cart hence the status of the items is reflected as “Temporarily Unavailable”.

Q&A Surf Packages/Lessons

What is included in the surf camps?

Surf packages include accomodation at Selina Venao River, breakfast, surfboard rental, lessons with instructor, yoga classes, thoery and video analysis and MORD. More info about our SURF CAMPS here.

What do I need to bring?

All you need to bring is a smile, your personal belongings, and sun cream!

Do I need to know how to surf?

We welcome all levels of surfers, from beginner to advanced.

Is surfing scary?

Our instructors are professionals in the water and surf every day. You can feel comfortable amongst them!

What if I get sick?

We are more than happy to figure out a solution if you get sick, but surfing is a very healthy sport!

Q&A Surfboards/Rentals

Do you carry epoxy or PU surfboards?

Although we specialize in our branded Ocean Monkey soft-top surfboards, we also offer a variety of high-performance glassed boards such as FireWire in our store at our Playa Venao Selina location.

Can I order more than one board at a time?

We are more than happy to sell by the bundle! If you are inquiring about a large number of surfboards, please contact us for more details.

Can I return a surfboard if I don't like it?

For the most part, surfboards are like cars... Once it's been used or waxed then it instantly loses value, but we are also open to discussion. Please contact us.