Surf, Sun, and Smiles: An Introduction to our Kid's Surf Camp

Surf, Sun, and Smiles: An Introduction to our Kid's Surf Camp

Nestled along the sparkling shores of Playa Venao, Panama, Shokogi Kids Summer Camp offers a vibrant summer adventure where fun meets learning and creativity. Designed for children and teenagers aged 5 to 17, our camp combines the thrill of surfing with a variety of other engaging activities, creating a holistic experience for all participants.

Why Shokogi Kids Summer Camp?

Our camp is not just another summer program—it's a community built on the foundation of discovery and friendship. Hosted by the experienced team from Shokogi Surf, we provide a safe, educational, and exciting environment where every child is encouraged to thrive and explore their passions.

Our Philosophy:

Shokogi is dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of growth and discovery. We believe in nurturing the mind, body, and spirit through a blend of physical activities, creative pursuits, and mindful practices that ensure a well-rounded summer experience.


Tailored Activities for Diverse Interests

For the Young Adventurers (Aged 5 - 10):

  • Morning Surf Sessions: Start each day catching waves under the safe guidance of our professional instructors, tailored to young beginners seeking to catch their first wave
  • Creative Arts at Terra Cotta Studio: Engage in fun arts and crafts that encourage creative expression and artistic skills. Kids can let their creativity run wild with paint, ceramics and even soap making. 
  • Kid-Friendly Yoga: Learn relaxing yoga poses and mindfulness to wind down after a lively morning. 
  • Interactive Games: Enjoy various group games that promote teamwork and social skills.

For the Teens (Aged 11 - 17):

  • Surf lessons for all skill levels: Learn to catch your first wave or Improve surfing skills with more advanced lessons focusing on technique, safety, and ocean knowledge.
  • Artistic Workshops: Express yourself with access to a fully equipped art studio. Terra Cotta studio offers painting, ceramics, macrame, soap making and wood working for our teen campers
  • Footvolley: Challenge physical limits with exciting footvolley—a combination of football and volleyball. Have a ball learning the basics of this trending sport. 
  • Horseback Riding Adventures: Explore the beautiful terrain of Playa Venao on horseback, learning basic equestrian skills.
  • Revitalizing Ice Baths: Experience the benefits of ice baths for recovery and wellness after a day in the sun.

A Day at Shokogi Kids Summer Camp

Morning Activities:

We often start the day with a morning surf session. This early morning surf introduces all age groups to the basics of surfing or builds on existing skills, ensuring a fun and active start to the day.

Midday Break:

After surfing, campers enjoy a hearty and healthy lunch prepared at La Palma. This is a time for relaxation and recharging, where campers can share stories and enjoy the camaraderie of their new friends.

Afternoon Sessions:

Post-lunch activities vary:

  • Younger campers might attend a yoga class to relax or head to Terra Cotta Studio for arts and crafts.
  • Teenagers could engage in a footvolley game or go horseback riding, depending on the daily schedule.
  • Special workshops and activities are organized to ensure that every afternoon is unique and exciting.


Building Skills and Memories

Life Skills Through Play

At Shokogi, we integrate life skills learning into all our activities, from teamwork in footvolley to patience and focus in surfing and arts. Our goal is to nurture not just skills but also the confidence to use them.

Environmental Awareness

Through interactions with nature and discussions during activities, we aim to instill a love and respect for the environment, teaching children the importance of preserving our beautiful planet.

Health and Wellness

Physical activities combined with mindfulness and healthy eating habits taught at the camp contribute to a holistic wellness approach, encouraging children to maintain these habits beyond summer.

Why Wait? Join Us This Summer!

Ready to give your child a summer packed with excitement, learning, and adventure? Sign up now for the Shokogi Kids Summer Camp. With our diverse activities and dedicated staff, your child will have everything they need to make this summer unforgettable. Spaces are filling fast—ensure your child's spot in Panama’s most holistic summer camp today!