• Surfing connects your body and mind to the power of the ocean, the salt in the sea, and the forever changing tides and conditions. 
  • Chasing waves allow us to escape from society for a moment to find serenity and take a break from our daily-routines.
  • Surfing requires you to be physically active, increasing your heart rate and supplying oxygen throughout your body. Simply improving stamina and fitness.
  • There is no better way to relax body and soul than to go for a surf. Push your limits or just relax and have fun in the ocean.
  • The surf community is an international and tight-knit, stoke filled environment where you'll always find great times and great vibes. Within these communities around the globe you'll find a healthy balance of environmental-consciousness and self-love. 
  • "If your sad, go and surf... If your happy, go and surf..." 



Learn the essential skills of Surf in our Intro Lesson, or improve your skills with our advanced class.

Anyone Can SUP​

In our Any one can SUP lesson, we cover the basics; how to carry your board, how to adjust your paddle, correct paddle angle, how to transition from knees to feet and how to get back on once you have fallen off.

Falling off is essential!! Getting wet is half the fun!



SUPing Fast

Reading and catching waves, executing turns and surf etiquette. An exhilarating workout for the whole body! We only recommend Surf SUP for experienced SUP riders or clients who have already completed a Flatwater Paddle lesson.



Save money and advances your surfing skills with SHOKOGI lessons packages.

Did you know, learning to SUP is a continues progression. While one lesson can do wonders in your ability to navigate waves and become comfortable on a board, multiple lessons are the key to boost drastic improvement and to enhances performance.