Surfing with Kids: Safety Tips and Fun Adventures at Shokogi

Surfing with Kids: Safety Tips and Fun Adventures at Shokogi

Surfing is an exhilarating adventure that the whole family can enjoy, and at Shokogi, we believe introducing kids to the waves can be a life-changing experience. Located in the idyllic Playa Venao, Panama, Shokogi offers the perfect setting for a family surf trip. Whether you're from the US, Europe, or Central America, our surf school welcomes beginners and advanced surfers alike. In this blog, we'll share essential tips and safety guidelines for surfing with kids so you can ensure a fun and safe experience for your little ones.

Tips for Surfing with Kids

Surfing with kids requires a keen focus on safety. Ensuring children feel secure and confident in the water is crucial for their enjoyment and progress. At Shokogi, we prioritize safety through our structured programs and use of high-quality equipment, such as our own brand of soft top surfboards, Ocean Monkey, designed specifically for kids and beginners. Read on to learn our best ocean safety tips. 

Tip 1: Choose the Right Equipment

Selecting the right surfboard is the first step to a successful surf session with your kids. Our Ocean Monkey soft-top boards are ideal for young surfers. These boards are not only durable but also provide extra stability and buoyancy, making it easier for kids to balance and catch waves. Soft tops are also safer for kids, as they have a gentler impact if a child falls on them.

Tip 2: Start with a Lesson

A professional surf lesson is invaluable, especially for kids new to the sport. At Shokogi, we offer tailored lessons catering to young surfers' needs. Our experienced instructors are skilled in teaching children, ensuring they understand the basics of surfing, ocean safety, and wave etiquette. Booking a surf lesson package can set a solid foundation for your child's surfing journey.

Tip 3: Practice in Safe Conditions

Playa Venao offers a variety of surf spots suitable for different skill levels. For kids, it's best to start in smaller, more manageable waves. Our instructors at Shokogi know the local waves well and can guide you to the best spot on the beach for beginner-friendly waves. We also recommend checking the surf forecast to avoid days with rough conditions.

Tip 4: Wear the Right Gear

Proper surf attire can significantly enhance your child's comfort and safety in the water. Rash guards or wetsuits protect against sunburn, abrasions, and stings from marine life. Some younger kids wear a floatation vest for extra buoyancy and parental peace of mind.

Tip 5: Keep Sessions Short and Fun

Kids have shorter attention spans and tire more quickly than adults. To maintain their interest and enthusiasm, keep surf sessions short and engaging. It is important to focus on having fun rather than pushing them too hard. Positive reinforcement and celebrating small victories can boost their confidence and love for the sport.

Tip 6: Supervise at All Times

Never leave your child unattended while surfing. Always watch them closely and be ready to assist if they encounter difficulties. Our instructors are trained to provide immediate support, but parental supervision is also essential for a safe surfing experience.

Tip 7: Educate About Ocean Safety

Teaching kids about ocean safety is crucial. Explain the importance of staying within designated surf areas, understanding rip currents, and knowing what to do if they get caught in one. At Shokogi, our lessons include comprehensive ocean safety education to ensure that kids are well-prepared for various scenarios.

Tip 8: Encourage Hydration and Sun Protection

Surfing is physically demanding, and kids can quickly become dehydrated or sunburned. Ensure your child drinks plenty of water before and after their surf session. Apply waterproof sunscreen generously and reapply it regularly. Providing shade during breaks can also protect them from the intense sun.

Specialized Programs for Kids at Shokogi

At Shokogi, we recognize that kids have unique needs when learning to surf. This is why we’ve developed specialized programs to support their journey in the water.

Young Guns Program

Our Young Guns program is designed specifically for local kids aged 5-9. This program helps children progress their surfing skills in a supportive and fun environment. Young Guns participants receive personalized coaching, safety instruction, and plenty of water time to develop their abilities and comfort in the ocean.

Kids Summer Camp

For families visiting Playa Venao, our Kids Summer Camp offers an immersive surfing adventure. This camp includes two daily surf lessons, beach games, and fun activities designed to enhance surfing skills and ocean knowledge. It’s a fantastic way for kids to make new friends, enjoy the beauty of Playa Venao, and create unforgettable memories.


Surfing with kids is a rewarding and joyful experience that creates lasting memories. By following these tips and prioritizing safety, you can ensure that your child has a positive and exciting introduction to the world of surfing. At Shokogi, we’re committed to providing top-notch instruction, high-quality equipment like our Ocean Monkey surfboards, and specialized programs like Young Guns to support your child’s surfing journey.

Ready to hit the waves? Book a surf lesson package or sign up for our Kids Summer Camp today, and let’s make your family’s surf adventure in Panama unforgettable!

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